Organics 4 Development

Good 4 You

We seek to offer healthy, high quality food products to the consumer along with easy to understand transparent information on our business practices.


Example- Phka Rumdoul Rice. This variety of rice has won the best rice in the world award for three years in a row. It has been tested for arsenic (recently been in the news that some rice has high levels of arsenic). Naturally gluten free.

Good 4 the Farmer

We require our farmers to use sustainable best practices and compensate them fairly for the attention to these values.


Example- Rice. This rice is produced organically using SRI which is climate smart and uses less water and seed.  Organic growing methods protect the health of the farmers and their families while building the soil and providing long term sustainability for generations to come. SRI and organic methods reduce the cost of inputs while increasing the value of the product which keeps small farmers out of risky debt cycles.

Good 4 the Earth

We seek to have a positive impact on the environment in all areas of our business (production, processing, and distribution).

Example- Organic rice produced with the SRI method uses less water and does not contaminate water sources with harmful chemicals. The focus on soil building and fostering wildlife and natural predators benefits the larger ecosystem as well as the farmer. Environmentally friendly offices, storage facilities and distribution practices further enhance our positive effect on the environment.

Good 4 the Village

We commit to giving back at least 10% of the harvested rice's value to the community from which the raw product came.  We give to a variety of community based groups that could include non-profit development organizations, churches, temples/pagodas, children’s homes, local schools, educational programs or other charitable organizations. We focus on but are not limited to local based and Christian led organizations.


Example- This rice is from Abundant Life Rice Cooperative. 5% of the wholesale price goes to abundant life church who use the funds to build subsidized housing for poor high school students from remote areas to enable them to continue their education. They also drilled a well at the local primary school. 5% goes to the PARCE project of ICC (a local NGO) to provide training on kitchen gardens for better family nutrition.